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2 Aug 2019
WikiJustice Julian Assange. Join us. Unity is power!
WikiJustice Julian Assange. Join us. Unity is power !, image # 1

Freedom for Julian Assange

Without freedom of information, all other freedom is illusory


WikiJustice Julian Assange

This committee was urgently created by journalists, lawyers and citizens seeking to preserve the right to freedom of information and expression to protect and assist Australian journalist-publisher Julian Assange, whose fundamental rights have been violated by Sweden, Ecuador, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Julian Assange is not guilty of any crime. No charges have been brought against him. Julian Assange is a political prisoner.

In 2006, Julian Assange founded Wikileaks, a press agency that advocates transparency in the management of government affairs and complete freedom of information. He remained editor of Wikileaks until 2018, when Lenin Moreno’s Ecuadorian government cut him off from the outside world by placing him in solitary confinement. WikiLeaks and Julian Assange talked about the war crimes committed by the US military in Afghanistan, about the funding of the Islamic State by the Clinton Foundation, about the torture practiced at Guantanamo, and the CIA’s espionage against the government of François Hollande, which, however, subsequently denied him political asylum after just 50 minutes of reflection.

100% of the information published by Wikileaks is indisputable and uncontested.

Sweden, Ecuador, Great Britain and the United States are prosecuting Julian Assange for bringing to the general public information about the war crimes committed by the American military in Iraq (accompanying murders), crimes disclosed to him by the military whistle-blower Chelsea Manning, who is herself persecuted, imprisoned, repeatedly subjected to inappropriate torture by the US government.

In pursuit of Julian Assange, Sweden, Ecuador, the United Kingdom and the United States violated the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Pact on Civil and Political Rights, their Territorial Rights, the 2016 UN Ordinance that required the release, reparations and a safe place for Julian Assange and ultimately eventually, article 7 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC). They are all guilty of crimes against humanity.



In April 2010, Julian Assange and Wikileaks published the Collateral Killings (US war crimes in Iraq against civilians, including two journalists and a child), and in July 2010, The Afghan War Diary.

Following the release of these crimes, Julian Assange traveled to Sweden to provide a legal strategy to protect Wikileaks’ servers, publications and information sources. While Julian Assange was in Sweden, all Wikileaks bank cards and personal bank cards were blocked at the request of the United States (illegal decision of the Icelandic Supreme Court). The Obama administration has opened a criminal case against Wikileaks and Julian Assange. The investigation was carried out by the FBI, CIA and a dozen other agencies. The expanded jury met several times behind closed doors to draft the incarceration charges for Julian Assange and all those who participated in Wikileaks. The United States organized a large hunt to arrest him. Julian Assange, alone in Sweden, without a roof over his head, without money, pursued by the American special services,

Five days later, he found himself on the tabloids that he was the subject of a rape complaint. He put himself at the disposal of the Swedish police. On August 25, 2010, the Stockholm prosecutor Eva Finne conducts a preliminary investigation and closes the case on the grounds that there was no rape.

Julian Assange, innocent by the result of the preliminary investigation, leaves Sweden quite legally.

A week later, prosecutor Marianne Nee unreasonably opens a second preliminary investigation and demands the extradition of Julian Assange to Sweden (a request that the UN considers excessive and useless), who is at the time in the UK. Although at the same time she refuses to accept his testimony. Prosecutor Marianne Nee, in violation of Swedish law due to the fact that the preliminary investigation had to take place in a short time, left it open for six years, while Julian Assange was acquitted by the previous preliminary investigation carried out by prosecutor Eva Finne.

In 2012, persecuted by the British government, which refused to give him assurances that he would not be extradited to the United States, Julian Assange hid in the Ecuadorian embassy while seeking political asylum. Along with Ecuadorian citizenship, he was subsequently granted political asylum by President Rafael Correa to defend against extradition to the United States, where he faced a closed trial on charges of espionage, torture, life in Guantanamo, or even the death penalty.

In violation of international law, Sweden does not recognize Julian Assange’s Ecuadorian citizenship or political asylum and refuses to reassure him that he will not be extradited to the United States if he returns to Stockholm to testify. However, Sweden also refuses to accept his testimony in any other way possible.

In violation of international law, Sweden imposes on Julian Assange a damaging imprisonment with cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment (violation of article 7 of the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights) .

On November 20, 2014, Prosecutor Mariana Nee was summoned to the Svea Court of Appeal. As a result of this call, prosecutor Marianne Nee agreed to take evidence from Julian Assange … Two years later, in 2016.

In violation of international law, Sweden prohibited Julian Assange’s lawyers and himself from accessing the case documents. She also interfered with assisting him in his testimony. Sweden refused to consider the SMS messages exchanged between the applicant and which proved his innocence.

In violation of Swedish law (chapter 23, section 4 of the Swedish Code), prosecutor Marianne Nee published about 40 press releases in which the name of Julian Assange appeared, questioning his guilt, since he was acquitted by the preliminary investigation led by prosecutor Eva Finne and no charges were brought against him.

To date, Julian Assange is not subject to any prosecution for rape in Sweden. He is innocent of any crime.

Sweden showed that it is persecuting Julian Assange for political reasons, opening a third preliminary investigation on the grounds that it “could not conduct an investigation” (however, there were two: the first was concluded that Julian Assange was innocent, the second was logically closed due to for dropping the charges, since on the basis of the first investigation not a single fact was found to support the rape). In relation to any rapist, even a recidivist maniac, the country does not resume a previously closed investigation, especially if there are no accusatory facts in the case.

There is every reason to believe that, in connection with this third reopening of the preliminary investigation, an agreement was reached between Sweden, Ecuador, the United Kingdom and the United States on a joint intention to prosecute, imprison, torture Julian Assange and prevent him from publicizing war crimes and inform the civilian population about it.

There is every reason to believe that in connection with the reopening of the investigation for an absurd motive, Sweden is helping England to keep Julian Assange in prison, torturing and facilitating his extradition to the United States in two different ways, either through Sweden, or through the UK, or both. The ICC must urgently investigate to shed light on the mafia-like behavior of some states and governments.

In violation of the 2016 Regulation ordering Sweden and the UK to release, pay compensation and ensure the safety of Julian Assange, Sweden committed a crime against humanity (Article 7 of the Rome Statute).


The Ecuadorian government violated the Geneva Conventions (Articles 32 and 33) and other asylum and human rights laws by depriving Julian Assange of political asylum and Ecuadorian citizenship. Today, because of this attitude of the Lenin Moreno government, no political refugee can be anywhere safe.

The Ecuadorian government practiced torture and effectively violated Article 7 of the Rome Statute by depriving Julian Assange of fresh air, light, exercise, any contact with the outside world, medical assistance and medicine, filming him day and night to monitor him, isolating him on 60 hours a week and depriving him of air and light,

The Ecuadorian government puts Julian Assange at risk of torture and death by removing all protection and handing him over to the British government for extradition to the United States.

As a reminder, Julian Assange is a journalist-publisher who is not guilty of any crime other than drawing the attention of the general public to war crimes and state abuses.

On all these counts, the Government of Ecuador must be held accountable for crimes against humanity in accordance with article 7 of the Rome Statute (ICC). Recall that the government of Ecuador, having unjustifiably detained him, violated the 2016 UN Regulation, in contrast, in particular, to the UK and Sweden.

Moreover, after recent publications, all the facts suggest the following thoughts:

– The US paid Lenin Moreno to deprive Julian Assange of political asylum and Ecuadorian citizenship;

– Lenin Moreno defamed and acted illegally to justify the stripping of Julian Assange’s Ecuadorian citizenship;

– Lenin Moreno confiscated all things and property of Julian Assange in order to sell or transfer them to the United States, thus violating human rights, the principle of protecting the sources of wealth and intellectual property;

– the government of Ecuador, filming the documents of Julian Assange’s lawyers and bringing them to the attention of the United States for a fee, attorney-client privilege and threatened his defense;

– images of Julian Assange’s private life, captured on camera 24 hours a day, including in the most intimate moments, were put up for sale. This is a serious violation of fundamental human rights. The Ecuadorian government should explain how the footage was obtained from the embassy and put up for sale. To date, as far as we know, the Government of Ecuador has not provided any explanation in this regard.

Therefore, the ICC and the UN must conduct an investigation to shed light on all these unprecedented facts that undermine fundamental individual rights and the integrity of human rights.

Great Britain

Since 2012, the UK has threatened Julian Assange with kidnapping and extradition. She violates the right to asylum by blocking Julian Assange and forcing him to remain at the Ecuadorian Embassy.

Although, in accordance with the 2016 UN Regulation, the UK was obliged to recognize asylum and allow Julian Assange to move freely.

The UK has violated all human rights laws and is involved in political persecution because it did not compensate Julian Assange for years in prison, which he should not have been subjected to, since he is not guilty of any crime. Britain did not obey the UN directives, which ordered it to do this without granting political asylum, but protecting it from extradition to the United States, where it was awaiting trial for espionage, torture, imprisonment up to life imprisonment and even the death penalty.

The UK government violated Julian Assange’s basic rights by kidnapping him from the Equator embassy, ​​as it threatened to do so since 2010, torture and imprison him in a terrorist prison called Belmarsh, dubbed British Guantanamo, by placing him in solitary confinement for 23 of 24 hours by prohibiting him from visiting, including lawyers and doctors, prohibiting reading or any other activity.

Julian Assange is a multi-award-winning journalist who has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize several times – again this 2019 – innocent of any crime. Julian Assange’s most recent award is the Daphne Galizia Award (an award for journalists, whistleblowers and advocates of access to information). On April 16, 2019, he was awarded by the European Parliamentary Left Group GUE / NGL (European United Left / Green Left) for his work in the name of peace and freedom of information. This award has a symbolic meaning as on 16 April 2019 the European Parliament adopted a directive to protect people who publicly report violations of EU law. For Julian Assange, this award went to Mairead Corrigan, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in 1976,

In view of all these violations of international law, the UK government is committing a crime against humanity in accordance with Article 7 of the Rome Statute of the ICC. If the British government extradited Julian Assange, it would be in breach of its national law prohibiting the extradition of a person facing torture and the death penalty. If the UK extradites Julian Assange, British citizens will no longer be protected by their country’s law.

If one country allows such excesses without the reaction of the international or civil community, what will prevent our countries from doing the same in the future?

US and US government

The US violates the fundamental rights of whistleblower Chelsea Manning by imprisoning her to force her to testify (intimidation of witnesses) against Wikileaks and Julian Assange. Chelsea Manning’s only crime is informing citizens about war crimes against civilians, including journalists and a child. She did only what the law required of her. Anyone who witnesses a war crime is obliged to report it.

The US and US governments are violating Julian Assange’s fundamental rights and the first amendment to their constitutions, demanding extradition, accusing him of espionage, prosecuting him and presenting him before an extended jury. A person before an extended jury does not have access to prosecution evidence or defense. The trial takes place behind closed doors.

As a reminder, Julian Assange is a publishing journalist who has done his job by bringing war crimes and abuse to the attention of the general public. He has never worked in the United States. He is not an American citizen. He is not a terrorist or a criminal.

The US and US governments, by convicting Julian Assange of espionage, have thwarted any national and international war crimes investigations made by Wikileaks. The United States prevents those responsible for these crimes from being brought to trial and held accountable for their actions. The US government and the US oppose the administration of justice and prevent the bodies of international organizations from introducing criminal investigations. The US and US governments are also trying internationally to silence whistleblowers and journalists. Donald Trump does not hide this. He stated that he would look anywhere in the world for any journalist who interfered with his actions and would stop him.

Given all these violations of Julian Assange’s rights, the US government and the US are guilty of a crime against humanity under Article 7 of the Rome Statute (ICC). This crime against humanity is compounded by the crimes that were exposed to the general public by journalist-publisher Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

No democratic country can tolerate such violations of the law and the rule of law, because in violation of Julian Assange’s rights, Sweden, Ecuador, the United Kingdom and the United States threaten all citizens of the world. They violate the freedom without which all other freedoms are illusory – freedom of information.

WikiJustice Julian Assange Committee Requirements

Julian Assange strictly observed the rights and obligations of journalists, which are defined in the Munich Charter of 1971. He has published documents in which the credibility is undeniable and uncontested. He defended his sources of information. He condemned war crimes at the risk of his own life.

Julian Assange is innocent of any crime. He was just doing the job of a journalist in good faith. Whereas Sweden, Ecuador, the United Kingdom and the United States have clearly violated all the laws of international law in order to imprison, torture Julian Assange and prevent him from informing the public about crimes and abuse of office by politicians that threaten the sovereignty, justice and security of peoples. The truth and transparency of the state’s activities, as desired by Assange, are not their guarantees ?!

What has a country to offer Julian Assange whose former CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, admits without shame that he lied, cheated, stole and was involved in this case. Nothing! Except for the parody of the lawsuit.

As a result, the WikiJustice Julian Assange committee is demanding the immediate termination of Julian Assange’s lawsuit, damages and placement in a country where he can live and work safely.

The WikiJustice Julian Assange Committee refers to Articles 1 and 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN, 1966), Articles 9 and 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (UN, 1976) for the immediate release and protection of Julian Assange.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Article 1

All people are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Article 14.

Everyone has the right to seek refuge from persecution in other countries and to use this refuge.
2. This right cannot be exercised in the event of a prosecution that is actually based on the commission of a non-political crime or an act contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Article 9.

Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person. No one can be subjected to arbitrary arrest or detention. No one should be deprived of his liberty other than on such grounds and in accordance with such a procedure as established by law.
Article 19

Everyone has the right to freely adhere to their opinions.
2. Everyone has the right to free expression of his opinion; this right includes the freedom to seek, receive and impart all kinds of information and ideas, regardless of state borders, orally, in writing or through print or artistic expression or in other ways of their choice.

The WikiJustice Julian Assange Committee calls on the UN to apply all necessary sanctions against Sweden, Ecuador, the United Kingdom and the United States to enforce their international law, the 2016 (UN) Regulation, and to immediately release Julian Assange, return his property, provide him with a safe place and pay damages.

WikiJustice Julian Assange is calling on the UN to take decisive action to ensure the protection of whistle-blower Chelsea Manning and the release of programmer Ola Beanie, so that all journalists and whistleblowers are protected worldwide and receive the necessary assistance from the competent authorities. Freedom of information is a constitutional right.

WikiJustice Julian Assange calls on the ICC to investigate, prosecute and convict Sweden, Ecuador, the United Kingdom and the United States for violations of international law, the Geneva Convention, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, for politically motivated persecution of an identified group (journalists and whistleblowers) on a global scale (Article 7 of the Rome Statute), that is, for crimes against humanity.

“By defending WikiLeaks, we are defending courage – the courage of those who say no to tyrants who seek to exercise divine authority over human affairs. Founded and run by Julian Assange, WikiLeaks has provided people around the world with an arsenal of truths about wars and politics, and the goals of a violent and irresponsible hegemonic power. This is real journalism and a principle of freedom so fundamental that its disappearance would mean a loss for all of us. ” John Pilger (Australian journalist, screenwriter and director)


ContactEmail: wikijusticejulianassange@gmail.com

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Bruno Jean Palard (Chercheur à l’école de la vie. Researcher at the School of Life)

Françoise Papon (Psychologue retraitée. Retired psychologist)

Nathalie Parent (Assistante Directeur Général. Assistant General Manager)

Eliane Parizot (Retraitée. Retired)

Philippe Pascot (Ecrivain. Writer)

Mireille Perrier (Comédienne. Metteur en scène. Comedian. Director of the film)

Richard Pfau

Jackye Picqué (Enseignante retraitée et Gilet Jaune. Retired teacher and Yellow Vest)

Jehan Pipaud (Assistant social. Social worker)

Jean-Yves Pipaud (Retraité. Retired)

Gérard Pommier

Mona Piter Desmaris (Commerçante. Merchant)

Alexandrine Playsix (Lanceuse d’alerte. Whistleblower)

Axelle Picot (Etudiante. Student)

Véronique Pidancet Barrière (Journaliste. Scénariste. Réalisatrice. Journalist. Scriptwriter. Director)

Eric Poubanne (Educateur spécialisé. Specialized educator)

Alexis Poulin (Journaliste – Le Monde Moderne média. Journalist – Le Monde Moderne média)

Sidonie Prince (Anthropologue et gilet jaune. Anthropologist and yellow vest)

Mari Pujol (Médecin à la retraite. Retired doctor)

Jean-Paul Radet (Retraité. Retired)

Monique Renaud (Syndicaliste et GiletJaune.Unionist and Yellow Vest)

Frédéric Reynier (Musicien.Musician)

Noëlle Riolet (Citoyenne retraitée. Retired citizen)

Véronique Rivière (Enseignante. Teacher)

Marie Robota (Aide Médico-psychologique. Medical and psychological assistance)

Anne-Laure Robert (Ergothérapeute. CGT. FI. Occupational therapist. CGT. FI)

Sébastien Rochedreux (Citoyen Français. French citizen)

Maxime Rodrigues (Guide Canyoning et escalade. Secouriste montagne. Sécurité civile. Canyoning and climbing guide. Mountain rescue worker. Civil security)

Richard Rodrigo (Informaticien. Computer scientist)

Blaise Roger (Informaticien. Computer scientist)

Gilles Rougier (Auxiliaire de vie. Auxiliary of life)

Axel Rousse (Table d’hôte)

Véronique Rousseau Carrera (Citoyenne. Citizen)

Geneviève Roussel (Institutrice à la retraite. Retired teacher)

Robert Salles (Professeur retraité. Retired professor)

Céline Sabran (Enseignante. Teatcher)

Souad Sabbour (Artiste peintre. Painter artist)

Christine Saint-Jaimes (Téléprospectrice intérimaire. Gilet Jaune. Nterim teleprospector. Yellow vest.)

Christine Saint Jalmes (Demandeur d’emploi. Job seeker)

Sophie Sainte Marie (Artiste. Auteur. Artist. Writer)

Simon (Photographe. Photographer)

Udo Sigwalt (Ingénieur électronique. Ingénieur électronique)

Patricia Sericola (Citoyenne. Citizen)

Béatrice Simmonet-Guereau (Ergothérapeute. Ergotherapist)

Vinciane soille

Sophie Slovak (Médecin. Doctor)

Catherine Sotta (Retraitée. Retired)

Christiane Stadelman (Infirmière. Nurse)

Sandra Stella (Mère au foyer.Administratricede la page FB Gilet Jaune du 91. A housewife mother. Administrator of the FB Yellow Vest page of 91)

Myriam Takrarit (Agent comptable. Gilet Jaune. Accounting officer. Yellow vest.)

Dominique Terre Graille

Chantal Thebaud (Artiste)

Lucie Texera (Retraitée. Retired)

Mathilde Titaud (Retraité. Retired)

Jérôme Thilly (Menuisier. Woodworker)

Delphine Todeschini (Rédactrice. Editor)

Hélène Tourtet (Scénariste. Scriptwriter)

Renaud Toussaint (Citoyen et chercheur. Citizen and researcher)

Vivien Vallay (Auteur compositeur interprète.Singer-songwriter)

Marie-Line Vaillant (Mère au foyer. Housewife mother)

Eric Van Esshe (Citoyen.Commerçant bio. La prochaine civilization est basée sur la transparence. Tout le reste est appelé à disparaître. Citizen. Organic trader.

The next civilization is based on transparency. Everything else is destined to disappear.)

Hélène Varin (Retraitée de l’enseignement. Retired Teatcher)

Muriel Vergne Guennec (Retraitée. Retired)

Françoise Verstringe (Citoyenne.Employée en ressources humaines. Citizen, human resources employee

Klaas Verhoeve (Développeur de logiciels. Software developer)

Liliane Viale (Retraitée SNCF. Retired SNCF)

Joël Vittman (Entrepreneur. Enseignant – Formateur. Entrepreneur. Teacher – Trainer.)

Anne Veaute (Photographe. Photographer)

Annick Voisin (Infirmière. Nurse)

Jens Walter (Chef d’entreprise. Company manager)

Petra wardenaar

Sylvie Wasme (Retraitée. Retired)

Vanessa Zarek (Educatrice protection de l’enfance. Child Protection Educator)

Groups, unions, associations, etc …
Association alertes.me

Association Révolution Citoyenne de l’Équateur en France.

Collectif PCF pour la défense de Julian Assange


Comité Free Assange Belgium

Free assange nz

Lanceur d’alerte. (Groupe FaceBook)

Sud Protection Sociale 93

Unity4j France

Lawyers, men and women in law
Sophia Albert Salmeron (Avocat au barreau d’Avignon. Attorney at the Avignon Bar)

François Boulo (Avocat au barreau de Rouen. Attorney at the Rouen Bar.)

Henri Choukroun (Avocat. Spécialiste de la propriété intellectuelle. Lawyer. Intellectual Property Specialist)

Jean-Marie Dermagne (Avocat. Ancien Bâtonnier. Responsable Régional de la Ligue des Droits de l’homme. Lawyer. Former President of the Bar. Regional Head of the League for Human Rights)

Jean-Jacques Dulong (Avocat à la cour de Paris. Attorney at law at the Paris Court)

David Libeskind (Lawyer. Doctor in private law)

Christine Claude-Maysonnade (Attorney at the Tarbes Bar)

Niki Konstantinidou (Australian lawyer. Collaborates at Unity4j)

Christian Panier (Juge honoraire, ancien président du tribunal de première instance de Namur (Belgique), ancien professeur de droit à l’Université catholique de Louvain. Honorary Judge, former President of the Court of First Instance of Namur (Belgium), former Professor of Law at the Catholic University of Louvain.)

Jean-Loup Vivier (Avocat au barreau. Docteur en droit. Conseil agrée près de la Cour pénale internationale. Membre de l’Académie des sciences d’Outremer. Attorney at law. Doctor of Law. Counsel accredited by the International Criminal Court. Member of the Overseas Academy of Sciences)

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