George Soros Ties to WikiLeaks

    1. Soros was behind Occupy via Adbusters
    2. Occupy was behind Assange w/ his Met Police bodyguards.
    3. Soros is a Rothschild financial partner w/ Rupert Murdoch who does all the WikiLeaks promotions.
    4. Soros funded Manning and Snowden. Remember: mass media is now funneling all secret intake docs to Snowden in Russia. (See: photos below.) 
    5. Clark Stoeckley aka WikiLeaks Truck was the artist at Manning’s trial. Stoeckley slapped all the decals on Anonomobile for me with Occupy’s Vlad Teichberg for a $1,000 and stole the thousand photos they took of me while they did it. 
    6. WikiLeaks Truck said it was introduced to WikiLeaks by Teichberg. 
    7. I tied Vlad Teichberg to Soros
    8. Assange was on house arrest at Vaughan Smith’s of Frontline Club. Smith’s dad was UK Queen’s Secret Messenger. Frontline is funded by Soros
    9. Assange was behind Catalonia’s split from Spain funded by Soros.
    10. Assange was behind Arab Spring w/ Hillary Clinton funded by Soros resulting in US Army War College in charge of Egypt. (Both Assange & Clinton credited for Arab Spring.) 
    11. Assange’s US lawyer Michael Ratner was Center for Constitutional Rights funded by Soros. His wife/partner Margaret Kunstler is the link between Assange and Roger Stone. 
    12. We saw Soros fund Manning and the WL Truck, and now we see Alexa O’Brien working at Airwars funded by Soros. Follow the money. It always leads to Soros who is a Rothschild financial partner with Murdoch. Alexa has been implicated as conspiring with the 9/11 terrorist as well. Dirty as all. 
    13. Unity4J head Suzie Dawson got her start as an Assange promoter via Occupy’s Soros.
    14. Assange Vigil head Greek Emmy outed as an informant.
    15. Pirate Party is funded by Soros.
    16. Lenin Moreno is funded by Soros.