Julian Assange is a German Tool
Source requested they remain unnamed.)

Wau Holland was a hacker and member of the German Chaos Computer Club (CCC). The CCC has an annual convention between Christmas and New Year.  This was where Jacob Appelbaum was invited to speak.

The Wau Holland foundation collected funds via PayPal to support Assange’s WikiLeaks.  So, essentially WikiLeaks is a German operation.

wl germany

In January 2013 I was in London, England. I walked to the embassy where Assange is staying. There was the police van, the balcony and so on. Then, I walked around the corner and stood in front of Harrods department store. I could not believe it. I was immediately aware of what was going on.

The owner of Harrods until 2010 was Mohamed Al-Fayed, the father of Lady Diana’s fiance Dodi Fayed who was also killed in the crash. Mohamed Al-Fayed is convinced that the English Secret Service had killed Lady Diana and his son. However, I disagree. The three weeks before Lady Diana’s crash in Paris, I was on a trip around France with my mother. The last 10 days we spent in Paris. Something was quite strange, as “someone” was trying to figure out about me and my mother.

Later it turned out that we were under strict surveillance by the German BND, which caused a lot of suspicion. “Someone” wanted to find out whether we were collaborating with the BND to create some sort of fog to cover up an operation.

The day Lady Diana crashed in the evening, we had left Paris. We slept in Meaux, 80 km east of Paris. The following day we drove through France, and I picked up something about a crash in the radio news; but, I did not take care to listen what had happened. We only found out when we arrived home in Germany a week later when we read about Lady Diana’s crash the night before.

After the crash the pressure on us increased considerably, but all on a level to make it not too obvious. “Someone” wanted definitely to find out whether we were part of the operation to kill Lady Diana. And of course “someone” had all rights and duty to do so. Obviously they came to the conclusion that we had not knowingly taken part in the operation to assassinate Lady Diana.

However, all this makes it obvious that the German BND was suspected by “someone” from the very beginning to have assassinated Lady Diana. And I came to the conclusion that “someone” was very right in his assumption. This all leads to the conclusion that obviously the German BND was able to establish connections to Mohamed Al-Fayed after the assassination of Lady Diana by blaming the British Secret Services to have assassinated Lady Diana and Mohamed Al-Fayed’s son.

Because the German BND had this Harrods network, they placed Assange in this embassy across the road of Harrods. The social rooms of Harrods even have a common wall with the embassy. So, the German BND was always in direct contact with Assange. There is another clue pointing to the German BND using Assange to smear the US.  Assange was prepared in Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne seems to be especially infested with German spies.

I myself have relatives in Melbourne who are operatives/snitches of the German BND. They were involved in the assassination of my brother and my father. “Fun” fact, I worked about 10 years for free for this part of my family. With three persons we made more than 1 million p.a. And all I got was a one-time payment of 410 Deutschmarks, because my relative wanted a receipt for the tax. So, essentially I worked a decade to finance black operations of the German BND without being aware of this. They even organized a fake tax revision to deceive me.

I wrote someone was investigating us during the trip. I agree with what they had done to figure out what we were all about. They did the right thing in an acceptable way. It’s a pity that they had not been able to stop the assassination of Lady Diana. There is another thing which may have triggered the investigation in the first place. Our car, with which we were touring France, had been heavily rigged by the German BND. The manual stated a fuel capacity of 56 litres. Our car only had 46 litres. I always believed this was a printing error in the manual. However, when we sold this car in 1999 we got the same model as a used car: same engine, same year of production, even the same colour.  Guess what: this car had 56 litres of fuel capacity.

So the first one obviously had a certain device in the tank. The size of this device was 10 litres, which is quite a big device to hide in a car. Given the size it seems that it was a radar used for spying on the countries I visited in that car.