The Thief in the Night *

Yet Another Assange Tie to 9/11: FBI Fairbanks Doin’ Rudy Giuliani

Murdoch first outta the gate on this Assange scandal, as usual. Cumbersome to keep up with all the lies, but we do it anyway.

AUDIO RECORDING surfaced. Turn’s out when the wealthy GOP donor Arthur Schwartz blurted out, “They know we talk!” it’s because he was one of FBI Fairbanks sex victims in the DC sex blackmail op.

FBI Fairbanks Photo Album !!!

This is Cassandra Fairbanks. She says she had exclusive meetings with Julian Assange right before he was arrested. She told Jerome Corsi she had sex with Assange in 2018, but Assange insider says that never happened. We have photos of her with Murdoch’s pawn Jack Posobiec, Rothschild’s pawn Nigel Farage, CIA’s Alex Jones, Donald Trump, Rand Paul, Bernie Sanders and Roger Stone. She got her start in porn and was sexing up FBI Brandon Darby. She’s part of the Murdoch sex blackmail mob which controls 70% of US Congress.

All the press published how she hangs out with Julian Assange, but no proof, obviously. She said they were secret meetings, so she can’t talk about it. lol Here’s where people have to use their brains: she works for Trump who Assange called a disease, and she works for Roger Stone who Assange called a liar. You really think Assange would meet with Trump’s tramp? Not a chance.

She’s pictured in “America’s New Family of Journalists” next to convicted human trafficker Justin King. It’s always something with these Assange people. Everybody tied to strippers, porn, pedophilia and child sex trafficking. 1/ 2/ 3/ 4

She’s got 200,000 Twitter followers,
but she doesn’t want General Sands following her.
No, of course not.

MORECassandra Fairbanks The Dirty Porn