20 FEB 2016


Julian Assange free by God via General Sands confirmed by The Pope for Jubilee

 BIG STORY All Military Personnel Freed for Jubilee

British Royals Spent Double on No-charge Assange over 30k Paedovictims


(Full Coverage of UK VIP Paedophile Ring)

UK Police Identify 2,328 VIP Paedophiles with 90% STILL ALIVE

Around ten per cent (298) of the 2,328 alleged offenders are deceased. Of these, 1,585 are within institutions and 319 are classed as persons of public prominence. The list includes 157 from the world of TV, film, or radio, 91 politicians (local as well as national), 44 people from the music industry and 18 from the world of sport.

Almost 850 different institutions are listed under Operation Hydrant, these include: 320 schools; 227 children’s homes; 96 religious institutions; 42 medical establishments; 26 prisons / young offenders’ institutes; 24 sports venues; and 11 institutions in communities (youth clubs, community center).

Breaking >>> All Military Personnel Freed for Jubilee

Police Join Anonymous

  British and Swedish Royals tell UN and Pope * to go to Hell for St. Assange’s Jubilee *
  Super Bowl 50 busted for human trafficking  AND  18,000 child girl slaves in San Diego
MILITIA INTERPOL | Bureau Chief General Sands
U.S.A. Marshals, Navajo Nation, Navy Command, 99% Anonymous, 2/3 FBI, 2/3 Scotland Yard, DC Capitol Police & Anonymous Press

U.S.A. vs. U.S. Corp. - Articles of Reorganization & Common Sense Pamphlet


WikiQueen turns her back on WikiLeaks, shows off her WikiRockets & faces White Knights.
Only Pussies Suspend Accounts

Assange Says His “Partner” Lives in Paris w/ his Kid

→ (1:04:15)

General Sands says, “Prove it like your 9/11,
Ghost of Sofia Wilen & Hijacked Snowden doc */  **/  coverups.


What Assange is really saying is …

He became a dad for the 4th time and
hasn’t seen his “Partner and kid” in 5 years

more recent sexual relationships
w/ Sarah Harrison
and Sofia Wilen
and Anna Ardin, *
cuz he’s trapped for a condom
by a Ghost,

… unless he had the baby with his accuser, and that’s why he’s defending her.




sarah harrison
Adams Family Portrait


Sarah Harrison, Director
“Whistleblower Protection” Courage Foundation

WEIRD NEWS | Vogue Mazagine, Dated 19 FEB 2015

… and who is WalterCrunkite?

since FBI‘s Walter Crunkite posted the Sarah Harrison statement  */
in the matter of Edward Snowden
um (favorite Sarah Harrison word) um for WikiLeaks.

walter crunkite black messiah

Assange, Come in Please

I’d like to request an interview about your coverup of 9/11, coverup of the Ghost of Sofia Wilen, the 99.95% hijacked Snowden docs, former USAF “Owner of This Day in WikiLeaks” aka @M_Cetera and how you managed to get a partner & child in Paris while locked up in the Ecuadorian Embassy during your broken condom/rape investigation AFTER ur sexual relationship w/ Sarah Harrison, please.

PS:  Nice timing on your partner announcement 4 days after my “Julian Assange’s Hannah Dawson” FB note.

Genius FBI
Click for source.
FBI walter crunkite
Click for source.
For years I supported Julian Assange and WikiLeaks online and on the streets. Now I have a few questions.

 Will the Real Hannah Dawson Please Stand Up?

* Hannah Dawson the Australian Actress.
* Julian Assange’s Cambridge Union media blackout Hannah Dawson of Oxford University.
* Hannah Dawson the ANU Grad who may be going to Oxford University.
* Hannah Dawson the British Royal Historical Society Fellow who followed me home from London to NY

Royal Historical Society Fellow Hannah Dawson
Sat in the Airplane Seat beside me from London to NYC on 5 May 2015

 ⇒ Anonymous: Norweigan Airlines: DY7015 18:20 London-Gatwick 21:30 NYC

Research Hannah’s connection to Julian Assange besides this.


Sherlock Alert in Effect for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

This alert is in effect until Assange satisfactorily explains:

  1. His 9/11 stance.
  2. His defense of 5-year missing link Ghost of Sofia Wilen.

Julian “Truth” Assange and Hannah “No Truth” Dawson

Blewswire says I got the wrong Hannah Dawson, but this Hannah Dawson followed me home.
TEDxKCS | No society w/out State by Hannah Dawson | 21 Jan 2015
YOUTUBE Video | Obey the Law by Hannah Dawson | 17 Feb 2014

WikiLeaks Accountability
You’ve seen me publicly ask & demand an answer as to who called media blackout on the debate. Cambridge refused to answer me.  Now, I don’t give a fuck who Assange is fucking unless he’s fucking the Illuminati, but this is how WikiLeaks answered me:

wikileaks block

Cambridge Union released it one month later.

Julian Assange on 9/11
Silence is a danger zone.  Assange’s silence on 9/11 is wrong. Call Assange to the witness stand to elaborate on the no-fruit 9/11 pager intercepts and his 9/11 position.

9/11 is the Litmus Test of Truth
All who cover up that 9/11 was an inside job–as confirmed by both CIA & Anonymous–are the enemy.

Assange on Religion
Sands tells refugees to occupy castles not villages. (NICE)
Assange says reformed Christianity to Islam is Europe’s only hope. (YIKES) @1:14:33

Assange’s Buddies

Massachusetts Pirate Party 
→ Full Story

Electronic Frontier Foundation (“EFF”), Courage Foundation & Freedom of Press Foundation
Assange buddy EFF John “Grateful Dead” Barlow told me a plane hit the Pentagon’s collapsed section.  He’s wrongI proved it.  Sad slim pickins on 9/11 truthers in Courage Foundation and Freedom of Press Foundation.  Google funds EFF*/

Kevin Zeese and Occupy 
Assange buddy aka DC Occupy leadership abandoner aka Wave of Action promoter Kevin Zeese blew me off for 9/11 truth after meeting him at a Chelsa Manning panel discussion.

Kevin Gosztola of Firedog Lake
Assange and Zeese buddy Gosztola blew me off on Twitter for the same thing. Nobody in that gang wants to talk 9/11.

My Trip to London
For many winter days, long hours at a time, cold and alone I stood outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to sway the guards into releasing Assange. For, the Lord says to visit prisoners and free the captives.  After years of my supporting WikiLeaks, nobody there asked me in. It didn’t matter that I traveled the ocean. Instead, I was met with disdain and cheerleaders for my arrest.

Vivienne Westwood
I ask Assange’s buddy fashion designer Westwood to help me with a Robin Hood costume to drum up mass protesters, but she only offered a blanket.  I was not impressed. Neither am I impressed by the Gag-me-with-a-gaga facade support.

Ambassador of Ecuador in London
The ambassador wanted to hang out with me and asked me for my contact information, so I gave it to him. Pretty sure Assange turned him against me, so that never happened. It’s all the same evil spirit coming against me.

Rixstep News
Assange buddy Rixstep blocked me when I actually did something with all their fruitless years of Sofia Wilen reporting.

Only Thing Rixstep News is Good for is Writing Ghost Stories
rixstep block

The Ghost of Sofia Wilen
Nobody found the 5-year “missing link” to Assange’s freedom whom all of WikiLeaks defends; so, I made SofiaWilen.com and called for a hunt–which weirdly pissed off all these seemingly chronic hypocrites.

Journalist Accountability
Are these the same Illuminati propaganda journalists we’re all complaining about?! These fucking journalists have god damn names, and they’re ALL right out in the open on Twitter. One thing I learned in journalism school is that you say what advertisers want you to say. Nothing more.

WikiLeaks Staff Shut Down Information About Accusers Listed as Informants
Restricted CIA-Drug Group Lists Julian Assange’s Accusors Sofia Linnea Wilen & Svea Anna Karolina Ardin as “Informants” in Police Report. 1  2

WikiLeaks Forum
Makes for a great distraction (like Illuminati’s Republican v. Democrat fakeness), but when they both treat you like enemy, there is a red flag.

DC is Infested

Amnesty International
I went to their meeting in Washington, DC, stayed just long enough to see they’re complete halfbrains before I admonished them halfway thru the meeting and walked out.

DC Capitol Police
They’ve been waiting for the population to show up and overthrow the United States government for all the corruption they’ve witnessed. They say young interns are running our country, because congressmen are too busy raping children. They asked me to run for mayor; but, i told them I was already sheriff and wasn’t taking a demotion.  Now, I’m a General.  It ain’t Cinderella’s slipper, but the boot fits.

DC 9/11 Group
Mostly just inactive half-idiots who would rather sit around at their BBQ picnic than flashmob a million people on the 4th of July, but i did anyway. A leader of that group has Illuminati eyes plastered all over her apartment in Alexandria, VA and thinks that’s pretty god damn normal.

Operation American Spring
Like I was tricked into voting for Obama thinking he was for the poor, I was tricked into thinking OAS was legit. It wasn’t.

I have enough stories to fill Library of Congress
Trust me.  Don’t trust the system.  The system will lock you up any way it can if you talk about U.S.A. vs. U.S. Corp. hijacking.  I’ve got U.S.A. Marshals begging me for media coverage, and I already put out their material.

The Peace House in DC
Homeless thug infiltrators and nothing more who took over Concepcion Piccioto’s 30-year White House occupation and threaten to kill her cat every night, she says. Yeah, like me, the 1-woman army, but cat litter gets more attention than her website.

me september 11 overthrow37 Different Spy Agencies in DC
Agents tell me nobody knows who’s who. You can be whoever you want to be.

The day I delivered overthrow notices to every member of Congress, agents forced my SSN out of me and handed it to an Anonomous poser who posted it all over the Internet less than 1 week after Feds got it.

Not a single member of Congress responded to my letter. I’ve witnessed tribes ride horses across the country begging for life and get no response from Washington, DC.

According to investigative journalist Tim Shorrock:

…what we have today with the intelligence business is something far more systemic: senior officials leaving their national security and counterterrorism jobs for positions where they are basically doing the same jobs they once held at the CIA, the NSA and other agencies — but for double or triple the salary, and for profit. It’s a privatization of the highest order, in which our collective memory and experience in intelligence — our crown jewels of spying, so to speak — are owned by corporate America. Yet, there is essentially no government oversight of this private sector at the heart of our intelligence empire. And the lines between public and private have become so blurred as to be nonexistent.[179][180]

George Soros Funds EFF, Occupy, Wave of Action & ACORN8
Soros sponsors Barlow’s EFF *and shadypast ACORN8 who just hijacked the 2015 Whistleblower Summit.  Why am I the only one complaining?

Soros sponsored Occupy Las Vegas via Adbusters and Wave of Action. I know, cuz they stole my MMM2013 map, slapped their name on it, ignored me when I called them on it and then just faded away.

There’s no such thing as a humanitarian billionare. Soros is Bank of England. Everything he funds is tainted.

Assange’s Enemies 

Why does Wayne Madsen discredit Assange (pay-per-view)? Madsen says Assange worked for U.S. gov.  So does Wikileaks archenemy the  “WikiLeaks” Forum.  So does Robert David Steele.  Assange should clear up this matter with me, cuz it’s not looking good for Assange. However, since I went through the same fire, Assange is still innocent until I see the proof.

Madsen is best buddies with Justice Integrity Project Yale grad Andrew Kreig.  Andrew Kreig knows 9/11 an inside job. I heard Assange wanted Madsen to work with him on WikiLeaks, but Madsen refused Assange.  Just about as weird as Assange having a partner in Paris w/ a baby during his broken condom/rape investigate AFTER his love affair w/ Sarah Harrison while caged is Madsen’s secret agent girlfriend for FIVE years ’til he found out she was an agent.

I don’t know if Assange is ignorant or lying about 9/11 with his silence on the subject, but I do know I will find out.

9/11 Filmmakers

Aaron Russo Was Right
September 11, 2001 went down like documentary filmmaker Aaron Russo said.

Steven Spielberg Shot the 9/11 Attacks in 1985
Rothschild Zionist (not Jew) Spielberg portrayed 9/11 exactly on film in 1985.

Pentagon Groundskeeper
Even the groundskeeper at the 9/11 Pentagon memorial told me he knows an airplane never hit the collapsed portion.

Michael Moore Recently Reached Out to me to Explore Filmmaking Ops
We’ll see if he follows up.

The 9/11 Golden Sword

I gave the 9/11 Golden Sword a long time ago to Assange, but he refused it. As a matter of fact, during my entire 3-year crusade to save Assange using Anonomobile with thousands of tweets and heavy social media campaigning, the only communication I ever got from WikiLeaks was from Sarah Harrison telling me to shut up for promoting the Anna Ardin “No Rape” tweet.

anna ardin
Yeah, that’s me in the white shirt next to “Favorites.”

I Need to Know

Is Julian Assange that stupid on 9/11?
Is he just a hypocrite factavist?  (99.95% Snowden Docs Hijacked)

Judge the Tree by its Fruit
British Royal Historical Society Fellow Hannah Dawson and Julian Assange would make a sexy zizzlin’ hot-as-hell intellectual couple, and she’s in London.  Notice how they both speak the same hand language. ha ha Too bad she teaches vomit, and I’ve loved everything I’ve ever heard Assange say.  The only thing that bothers me about Assange is what he hasn’t said about 9/11. Everything else is excusable.

Was it just a coincidence she sat beside me from London to NYC? Maybe. Maybe it was divine and she had no idea who I was. She ate all my food like she trusted me.

Advertising is Everything

WikiLeaks advertised the 4/4/15 whistleblower event held outside Ecuadorian Embassy London where I was arrested for protesting 2 weeks prior against Hampstead satanic rituals.  Why didn’t police arrest me at Hampstead for Hampstead?  Why did they wait until I was at Assange’s? Three months prior, one of the guys who organized the 4/4/15 event said he didn’t even believe Assange was inside and was using tunnels.

WikiLeaks Never Advertised Million Mask March

 I have lots of stories about people who say they support Assange but do stupid things. (Later in this article.)

The Secret Agent Poet Myth
The moment I started promoting WikiLeaks and Anonymous in 2013, at least 50 YouTube videos went up with lies about me. At first I thought WikiLeaks was a victim of the lies against me. Three years later, you think that line of reasoning holds true? I don’t.

Anonymous witnessed me go through a wildfire of lies. I run MillionMaskMarch.com and Anonymous World Map.  AnonHQ.com w/ their 4,222,000 followers on Facebook refer traffic to me. Thank you, Anonymous, for sticking around long enough for my trial and the truth.  Nobody attacks me anymore.

Hard to tell who’s good or evil, so you’ve got to judge the tree by the fruit.  Go ahead: judge me.

Jeremy Hammond
Actually, some woman named Sue Crabtree who goes around pretending to be Jeremy’s mom attacked me for my breasts recently.

World Militia Secretary-General St. Sheriff Sands (August 2015)

I contacted Jeremy’s people to give him the Million Mask March monopoly. They said he said he didn’t want it.

Barrett Brown
I also contacted Barrett Brown’s people to give him the Million Mask March monopoly. They never got back to me, so i rescinded my offer.

Anonymous London
I flew to London to give Million Mask March monopoly to them; but, since they attacked me instead, I decided not to give it to them. That’s another story.

Assange on Christmas & New Years Eve
I saw Assange on Christmas through the window after I looked up when the curtains started to move in front me.  I also rang in the new year there with whoever was on the street at the time.

I never asked to see Assange. I wasn’t ready. The more they all hated me for supporting him, the more ready I became. Now, the thought of it turns my stomach.

I did also go to London to free Assange and spent many days talking all day to the guards. I think I had a positive effect on some of them. They’re a mixed bag. Some know British Monarchy murdered Diana. Some warned of Committee of 300. Some completely brainwashd and others braindead.

The first day I was there (Christmas 2014) police told me they knew who I was. They said I was the leader of Anonymous in the United States. I laughed and told them that was a bullshit lie some idiot made up to get me killed, and that’s why you’ll never see or hear me say it.

It Gets Worse …

amal clooney

Amal Clooney
Paedophile Hollywood George Clooney’s new wife Oxford graduate Amal Clooney is portrayed as a heroine despite walking away from the Assange case and losing big humanitiarian case battles as she and George get the royal red carpet rolled out by UK Baby Eater Queen & her Duke of Illuminati Edinburgh husband. By the way, those two glutton fantasy dress-up clowns are both cousins of the head of the Freemason secret society in London.

It’s the same secret society that slaughtered a nation so they could set up their London & United States Corporations in city halls under Admiralty Law to eradicate the Law of the Land.

Silence on Who Called the Media Blackout is Vomit
Cambridge Union president punk Oliver Mosley closed the event to the public and Assange agreed.

Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, Sarah Harrison & Laura Poitras are Hypocrites
To Assange’s credit, he’s the one I learned 99.95% of Snowden docs are hijacked by fake hypocrite activists. Disgusting how they were given dynamite Nobel, Oscar, Pulitzer awards for showing us nothing.

Where’s The Transparency They Preach?

More on Snowden doc hijacking by Assange buddy Cryptome who also blocked me for I don’t know what.

block 2

They all blocked me when I complained about hijacking Snowden docs.greenwald block hablock hazel

M_Cetera is “Owner of This Day in WikiLeaks” and Former USAF

m_cetera block

Sugarcoated Lies

Snowden Docs
Nothing changed. Nobody busted. Docs still hijacked.

Offshore Tax Leaks
All this bullshit reminds me of the worthless offshore tax leaks nobody did anything about.

Operation Hydrant
2,000 paedophiles in 670 UK Institutions, but nobody busted. Hollywood’s biggest problem is pedophilia, but nobody busted. 

Illuminati’s $700 Trillion Buys Everything Hollywood
Rothschild zionists (aka Steven Spielberg’s pals (not Jews (Rev. 3:9))) bought Nicole Kidman, John Wayne, Jesse Jackson, Supreme Court justices, Johnny Depp, John Kerry, Katy Perry, Jane Fonda, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Bushes & Clintons and everyone else they want …

Assange buddy “lady” Gaga aka “I’m in Love w/ Judas” and murderer Hillary Clinton promoter Katy Perry don’t hide being Satanists w/ AC/DC. Same w/ “Great I Am Blackstar” David Bowie.  Satanic.

assange acdc
I’m not saying Assange is a Satanist, but he apparently likes AC/DC and says “Europe’s only hope is reformed Christianity to Islam.”

Illuminati Bought the U.S. Department of Defense
Defense Secretary Ashton Carter had to get a waiver to work at the Pentagon, cuz he’s a Global Technologies United war machine monster with Rothschild’s MITRE-SAIC-CIA-Carlyle Group partners.

Why Was Assange on the Balcony with Jesse Jackson?
If you oppose them as JFK & MLK did, they’ll kill ya.  Jesse Jackson is a Freemason who was involved in the assassination of MLK.

As for me, they cannot kill me, because I’m here for Isaiah 61; and, no matter how many thousands of Christians Nicole Kidman’s pastor tries to deceive saying rapture = hell, God will win this war against Satan.

Satanic Infiltration
Hannah Dawson is a staunch royalist defending UK glutton royal pain-in-the-ass ‪‎BabyEaters. There is no doubt: she is a witch.

As far as I can tell, Assange doesn’t believe in God. It doesn’t make him bad, but you can’t look for God in someone who rejects Him.

It remains to be seen how many belong to Satan. Former FBI says 4M in USA. It’s more: there are 6M secret society Freemasons. They control the CIA, media, the money system, military, courts & police. They have the best of all of everything; but, since they love to show off their gluttony, they’re easy targets. We’re in all their houses, and we have the keys to all their buildings.

We’re goin’ in together on Mondays: MondayMarches.com

Advertising is Everything
I made Free Assange the focal point for Million Mask March 2014 & 2015, but WikiLeaks never even mentioned it. They never even acknowledged I was arrested at Assange’s house after supporting him for years. They fucking hate me, thank you very little.

WikiLeaks Absolutely Hates me for my Free Julian “Robin Hood” Assange Crusade
I’m blocked on Twitter by all WikiLeaks Twitter top players like U.S. Air Fore @M_Cetera & biggests supporters for pushing “Official Assange Vigil” to meet during daylight, cuz those idiots refused to meet except during dark all winter long 2014/2015.

The old cripple Irishman who insists he started the Assange vigil called my 1,000 day banner “rubbish.”  It wasn’t rubbish, though I did make it on the spot with crayons, cuz that was the only thing i had. ha ha

WikiLeaks publicly chats on Twitter with people who defend Assange’s accusers and hate me.  It’s so weird. It’s like WikiLeaks wants to fail Assange.

bella emmy defend
bella ardin

There was this one time that WL staffer Joseph Farrell told me to take down my sign, but even that is forgivable.

condom cops

Then there was this other time WL guards stopped me from reflecting sunshine to Assange; but, hey, i thought he wanted sunshine. That’s not really forgivable.

Closing Statement of U.S. Militia General Sheriff Sands on the Matter of Julian Assange

Oddly enough, I still believe Julian Assange might still be perfectly innocent against my personal experience & better judgment.

PS: “The Underground” film confirms Freemasons were part of Assange’s life most of his youth and depicts him fighting them off.