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11APR 2019 | Scotland Yard reached out to me the night before the arrest and again a couple of hours after the arrest.

  1. Julian Assange Show Archive
  2. Jacob Rothschild tied to Julian Assange via Bertha Foundation
  3. Veterans Today says Assange is crown prince of The Deep State.
  4. UK Spy Annie Machon tied to Hampstead Cannibal Kids Case & Soros
  5. Soros Tied to WikiLeaks
  6. Assange Vigil Head Greek Emmy outed as an Informant *
  7. Assange’s right-hand man works for UK Queen 
  8. WikiLeaks Promoters Busted on 93 Counts of Human Trafficking in FBI Sealed Indictment.
  9. WikiLeaks funded * by Bertha Foundation
    aka Tony Tabatznik’s Robin Hood Holdings owned by Jacob Rothschild. *
  10. No photos  of Christine Ann Assange with Julian as a child. 
  11. Trump, Clinton, Putin & Assange work for CIA 9/11 terrorist Rothschild & his partner Murdoch.
  12. Rothchild’s Genie Energy Strategic Advisory Board tied to CIA’s child sex slave island with Jeffrey Epstein.  123456
  13. Jacob Rothschild’s UKIP is CIA’s WikiLeaks
  14. Putin Busted as  CIA Agent
  15. Chaos Computer Club tied to KGB & CIA – 12/ 3
  16. US Army is Assange’s bodyguard – 12345
  17. Julian Assange busted with Pedophiles – 123456
  18. Royals destroy emails linking WikiLeaks to CIA – 1234
  19. General Sands busts WikiLeaks for 9/11 * – 123456789101112131415161718
  20.  WikiLeaks  is head *** of Google Security –  1234

Watch Assange Say
MILLIONS Dead in the Last 50 Years Over Lies *