USAF @M_cetera Jumps Ship
Under Pressure from General Sands !!
Updated 18APR2017


RED NOTICE  @m_cetera

Owner of This Day is WikiLeaks is
 United States Air Force * Oregon Mattie M-Cetera */ **/ ***

7.8 Earthquake Destroys Ecuador as General Sands finds USAF Oregon Mattie

m_cetera earthquake

In M_Cetera’s Own Words …

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1/ 2/ 34/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/
@M_Cetera was USAF. *
Back in the day for a very long time
@m_cetera was the ONLY account WikiLeaks followed
before they followed more than 7,000 other Twitter accounts.
See: 22FEB2016 thread on Mattie.

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